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How To Combine Home Accessories *Sponsored by*

Harmoniously decorated space can be achieved by following certain rules created by designers and decorators to make interior look balanced and aesthetic. We are going to reveal you a secret of successful decoration of any surface in a room, whether it's a rack shelf, tabletop of a dresser or a coffee table. One of the main rules every experienced designer knows is the "rule of three". It means that you combine tree objects building composition considering the shape, size, and color. It is believed that this way we perceive information picture much easier.

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Look at the examples of successful combination of items in a single composition


Coffee table is decorated with three items (lantern, vase with flowers and decorative dish) of different shape and size (large, smaller, the smallest). In this composition the objects look balanced, which is not the same regarding the console.


This composition on the console is not quite successful, because none of the "rules of three" is followed: objects almost don't differ in color, size and shape, forming identical rectangles.

How to combine decoration items in the interior

If you want to make harmonious and interesting compositions, it is important to use at least two rules of the three, namely:

Objects of different sizes

The photo below shows the composition of decorative vessels that have similar shapes, but different sizes, as well as accessories of different colors (white, cream, cyan).

Following the same principle the living trees on the dining table are combined: the form of pots is similar, but their tone and plant height are different.

Objects of different shapes

Composition for decorating a table or chest of drawers can be composed of three items of completely different forms (the photo below). Here you see the combination of such objects as: photo in the frame (square), lamp (cylinder) and a stack of books with a figurine (triangle). In relation to each other, the items have different sizes, but the color gamma is similar for all of them (gold, black, white).

In order to form a coherent composition of multiple objects, you must first divide them into three equal groups, different in color, shape or size, and then ungroup each of these sets of items on the same principle (by color, shape or size).

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